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Donald Zordani, Jr. and his wife, Jan, have been creating and building truly exceptional

single-family residences since 1998. Drawing upon their complementary and extensive backgrounds in the service, construction and real estate industries, Donald and Jan devote the highest level of personal attention to every project and each homeowner.


As Donald Zordani explains, “Our personal involvement begins with finding an appropriate site for a proposed residence and extends well beyond the day the new owner(s) occupies the home.” The Zordanis work closely with their architects on the design of the home, taking into account the surrounding neighborhood. “Our homes are typically designed with traditional English or French influences and always of a size appropriate to the site. Our goal is for each project to settle into the neighborhood so completely that one would not realize it is a comparatively new home.” 


The Zordanis follow through with every detail of a project as they work with their team of outstanding professionals in constructing each distinctive residence. “We know we can depend on our craftsmen to provide the outstanding quality our homeowners expect, whether it’s in the mechanical systems that they will never see, or in the beautiful materials and luxurious finishes that go into the home’s interior,” notes Donald. The Zordanis spend countless hours researching and selecting the finest finishes for each residence, ensuring they are historically and stylistically appropriate. 


“We also anticipate the needs of the buyer for each home,” added Jan Zordani. “Both elegant and practical, our floor plans provide good space and traffic patterns that are adaptable for daily family living or for more formal entertaining.”


The Zordanis are determined to keep their company of a size that allows them to be personally involved and available to their homeowners.” We purposely limit the number of projects in development at any one time,” offers Jan. “Clients know they can reach us directly at any time if they have any concerns.”


Donald and Jan pride themselves on the exceptional relationships they cultivate with every homebuyer they have had since their company’s inception. Their outstanding reputation for customer satisfaction has been earned by serving and enriching the lives of their homeowners with homes of unequaled quality and timeless elegance. A Lakeshore

home is truly for those who demand the very best.

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